Getting Your First Facial? Here are some tips to keep in mind!

1) Conversation: Should I talk during my facial? There is no right or wrong here. Some people talk and others do not say much more than necessary. A good rule of thumb from the professional perspective is: If you (the client) makes conversation, we (the esthetician) will talk. If you decide you want to relax and not talk at all during the entire service, we will not interrupt your silence unless necessary. Do what feels best and don’t feel obligated to talk or not talk. Each time can be different too! It’s fine and we will not judge you either way!

2) Makeup: Should I wash my face first? Simply put- not unless you are already wanting to wash your face. We are going to cleanse and remove your makeup during the facial. If you want some makeup on to run errands before your facial or are coming from work- than come as you are and let your makeup be removed as we cleanse and exfoliate during your session. If you do not have makeup on and are coming to get your facial, than no need to put it on just for the facial- we will only take it right off. The main thing to note here is— Do not go out of your way to put on makeup for a facial or remove makeup because you’re about to get a facial. Just come as you are in whatever fashion you are most comfortable with.

3) Waxing and/or Prepping: Should I wax or do anything special to prep for my facial? There is no reason to do anything out of the ordinary prior to your facial aside from booking it. Once you know you are getting a facial, there is no need to do anything to your face BECAUSE you know you’re getting a facial. In fact, the less you do, the better really. We want to help and I would hope that once you get to your destination the person performing the facial makes you comfortable as far as what you’re receiving, what will be taking place, and what you want to get out of your session. The less you’ve done to your skin prior in terms of exfoliants and abrasive scrubs- the better.

5) That Lamp! What if my skin looks bad? During a facial an esthetician will look at your skin under a bright light (usually with your eyes covered for your relaxation) to analyze and possibly perform extractions. A lot of people can get embarrassed about the thought of being seen so closely under this lamp. It is a professional service, so remember- no one is judging you! Think of it as going to a doctor. As an esthetician, we see so much and are used to seeing the skin in this clinical way we aren’t critiquing anything. During my last facial I said to my esthetician and friend “please don’t judge me” as she pulled out the lamp. She laughed and agreed she felt the same way. Most estheticians become estheticians because they have skin issues. If we want to be able to analyze the skin correctly and remove any blackheads than the lamp is crucial. Keep in mind, it is only a small portion of the service and can really help in removing those stubborn blackheads or random hairs…we all have something!

6) Communication: When do I Speak up? I know I personally have a verbal consultation with all new clients. We discuss what they want to get out of the service and also what the service entails. This is when we make sure we are on the same page. In the beginning, it is a good idea to mention why you’re there and what you want to get out of your visit. I usually say something like: “I like to relax but I also have problems with my acne, want extractions and am starting to show signs of aging. I’m also having pigmentation issues when I go out in the sun”. I can elaborate or not depending on the conversation but the beginning consultation is where communication is important so goals can be established and hopefully met. If at any time during the facial you want to know what product is being used, do not like the smell of something, are too hot or cold, have to use the restroom, are uncomfortable, or anything along those lines— we do want you to speak up. We try our best to pay attention to small signals but are not mind readers. If extractions are painful, tell us. If something is burning, tell someone. If you need anything or feel any silly little feeling that you are not sure about, just ask! We encourage communication before, during, and after a facial! (That is why I am here! I want to make sure all of your goals are met and questions answered).

7) Sleeping: Is it ok if I fall asleep? Falling asleep and/or being deeply relaxed during a facial is a huge compliment! I love when a client lets out a little snore. It is a privilege to know that you are comfortable enough and relaxed to such a degree that you almost fall asleep on my table. Do not feel bad about this and know it is common! We love to know you’re comfortable with us.

8) Expectations: Am I going to look 20 years younger? Facials are a great way to look and feel beautiful while also getting some much needed TLC and relaxation! While we want to help you with your goals, it is always good to ask questions if you do have a specific expectation. We will be sure to address any current issues and repair current damage while also helping to prevent future issues. Your skin may look younger or clearer or lighter or brighter— hopefully it is vibrant, glowing and all of the above. (That is the goal!) However, keep in mind that a more serious concern that you may have been struggling with for some time may also take a series of sessions, or more time to correct. Each session should help you get closer to your goal. A regular appointment is about every 4 weeks and will help maintain your progress while keeping your skin healthy. Committing to regular appointment every four weeks can be a good realistic goal for skin health and improvement. Developing realistic timelines with your esthetician is a good idea and listening to that advice is going to be what can really make the difference. Don’t be afraid to ask for a timeline when you are concerned with a skin concern and give yourself some time to commit to what your esthetician recommends before jumping ship.

9) Acne breakouts: Will a facial break me out? Ideally, no I do not believe a facial should create a break out or make acne worse. They can do that though, especially if you are “break out prone”. A facial with me will actually help in most cases—it will (ideally) calm your skin and help clear any breakouts you may have. (Key word IDEALLY.) Some facials can bring things to the surface because of the deep cleansing process. Do not be alarmed if your face does break out the next day. Although this is not typical for a client of mine, I do say if this does happen they should surface in an “up-and-out” type of way that clears quickly…With that being said, some facials can cause the skin to react and it is always a good idea to make sure you don’t try a facial with someone you don’t know before a big event without first discussing your concerns. Do not be afraid to voice any concerns if you do have a break out after a facial.

10) Down Time: What does down time mean & Can I resume normal activities? In most cases, I will tell my clients that my services do not involve “down time”. As a holistic based esthetician and organic esthetician, I do not believe in harming the skin or doing anything that will cause what’s known as “down time”. Down time is a reference estheticians use when referring to whether a treatment will require a couple of “down” days after the treatment in which your skin is recovering. Things such as peeling, breaking out, redness, sensitivity, and more can an example of what you could experience during your “down time”. Services such as chemical peels, microneedling, waxing, and more can involve a brief-lengthy “down time”. If a service involves down time than you may want to schedule it so that you have at least a couple hours- a couple days with no obligations if you are worried about being in public with your face peeling or scabbing (or whatever the service may do). The important thing to know here is what to expect and how to plan. Are you ok with down time? I personally am not, so I do not book or give services that require down time. Nothing is ever certain, but if something does say it requires down time than you may want to ask how long and plan accordingly. Other than that just make sure you ask about any activities such as working out, being in a sauna, going to the beach, or being in the sun immediately after a facial if you are unsure.